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Soap and Soap Dish Set

Our signature soap as a set with a wooden soap dish.

Our handcrafted soap is made from the finest natural ingredients. The exotic oils used in our cold processed soaps have been carefully selected to work in unison with your skin’s natural chemistry. The result is a gentle cleanser that maintains your skins natural oil balance and leaves your skin highly moisturized.

Essential oils and/or fragrance oils are added to impart the wonderful scents of the tropics to each bar. Made in small batches, our soaps are truly handmade making each one unique and special.

Made with natural exotic oils of Coconut Oil, Palm Oil (sustainable), Canola Oil and Castor Oil. As an added bonus, we “Super-Fat” our soap with Kukui Nut Oil, which has been used for centuries by Islanders to moisturize and treat dry and damaged skin.

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